The Rhynie Chert

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The Rhynie Chert Category

Every once in a long while someone finds the missing link to a significant problem. You know what I’m talking about right? If you guessed hair care, then you’re half way there. Too often do we see neglected hair and more importantly, the skin underneath it from which it derives its health, flavor, and vibe. Our neglected and underappreciated skin is the real road map to improving our hair growth and quality. for further information, click here.

Stand by for a History lesson

The Rhynie Chert is a prehistoric showing and depicting of sedimentary rock founded in Scotland in the early 1900’s by a fortunate paleontologist by the name of Dr. Mackie. This showing of 400 million year old plants, animals, and rocks is a reflection of what the skin of our earth is composed of. It demonstrates and illustrates clearly layer after layer of new exciting biological material that co-existed and formed the crust of our young planet, depending on what you quantify as young. A picture of the past, and a crystal ball for the future, the information gathered from this finding is cutting edge in the study of our earth. (Allison, P.A. & Briggs, 1991)

Shampoo please

Our scalp is the same as the earth. Without the right information, we can’t help it. The good and ideal shampoo are that information and today’s ultimate and eventual tool to deal with ALL hair, perfect and imperfect. It’s the information we need and require, to deal with the ages of biology below. Hair can simply exist, but if you want to embolden it, understand it, and govern it, you need more. You need and require your Cleopatra, your Sistine chapel, you could do with your Rhynie Chert category. What’s in my Rhynie Chart category? I’m glad you asked.

The Rhynie Chert

My Rhynie Chart Category

Exercise, genetics, stress, a lot of things like this can play a great role in your head health physical condition. But to fit and robust into my Rhynie Chart Category, you need an active and organic shampoo. This can combat the sometimes ill effects of life on our poor, poor skin. Soon to be radiant skin mind you, if you heed my warning. “KNOW WHAT’S IN THE BOTTLE.” If the bottle says it has a lot of Biotin, which is the same as VITAMIN B7, discard it. B7 is good for hair growth, but only when you eat it. If it says it has Caffeine, that’s a good thing. Caffeine has been shown to stimulate hair follicles. Saw Palmetto is another organic plant extract which yields resistance to pattern baldness, male or female. Tea Tree Oil is a great and most important agent for keeping your scalp clean and free from infection. Last but certainly not least, pumpkin seed specifically blocks dihydrotestosterone which is the evil culprit in causing male pattern baldness in men.
When buying or purchasing the best and appropriate shampoo for your hair next time, study and do enough research the contents like a paleontologist, and ask yourself, “Which of these is in my Rhynie Chert category?” (Hair Grow Shampoos, 2015)…